Staging Tips

Buyers decide in a matter of seconds of seeing your property, if they’re interested or not.
Even simple things can make a positive difference on the final sale price of a property. Studies have shown that properties staged well, can add between 10%-15% to the sale price.
*There are two options for Staging a Property, you can learn to stage it yourself or hire a Professional Stager.
If you consider hiring a professional stager, contact me for a list of references. I’d be happy to share my recommendations.
If you consider staging yourself, here are a few tips:
*A thorough deep clean (to include windows).
*De-clutter and organize by getting rid of 50% or so of your belongings (store, donate or sell).
*De-personalize, potential buyers want to envision themselves living in your property.
*A fresh coat of paint (exterior and interior)
*Update worn fixtures and hardware
*Streamline your landscaping
The most important areas to Stage; the Living Room, the Kitchen, the Master Bathroom, the Dining Room, Children’s Bedroom and the Guest Bedroom.